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Homer's Daughter - Robert Graves

Robert Graves, best known for I, Claudius, uses Samuel Butler’s theory that The Odyssey was actually written by a Sicilian woman as the inspiration for the novel Homer’s Daughter. Nausicaa, daughter of an Elyman king, faces a host of unwelcome suitors while the king is away and has to devise a means of getting rid of them. Luckily, she is quick-witted and resourceful in facing her conundrum. She also has a knack for poetry and has a bard in her debt who happens to be a Son of Homer. With these advantages, she is able to ensure that her words, if not her name (at least not as authoress), live on for eternity. 

After a rocky start explaining the origins of all the regional tribes and Nausicaa’s ancestry in excessive detail, Graves finds his rhythm in this clever and witty story. It’s fun seeing what he comes up with to explain various elements of the Odyssey as envisioned by Nausicaa. The writing captures the style of the original Iliad and Odyssey perfectly, complete with over-the-top declamations, implausible feats, and gross-out violence. This is fan fiction, but it’s the fan fiction of a classical scholar who knows his stuff, even if he is a touch irreverent and unorthodox.